ABBA The Museum – II

The ABBA museum and store don’t take cash. “For your protection.”IMG_0659

I’m not sure how that protects me. When I travel I like to pay for everything with cash. That way I live within my means and don’t come home to any surprise credit card bills. On my recent trip to Europe, five countries in 12 days, I didn’t use the card at all. So the no cash rule was another reason for me not to enter the museum.

I’m not sure how that protects me anyway. Cash is safe, though I suppose you could get robbed or lose the stuff and then you are out of pocket.

Using a credit card would seem to me to carry a higher risk. There are various ways your card information can be stolen and used, and by the time you become aware of it, it is too late. Especially when you are travelling. There’s a lot more trust involved in handing your card to a stranger than there is in passing over a 100 Crown note.IMG_0667

So I didn’t go to the museum, but I did wander through the store, where you can buy all things ABBA. Except for their music.

I didn’t ask, because that would indicate a greater interest in ABBA than I could possibly fake, but I was curious that there was no ABBA music on sale. Lots of CDs of music by the various band members as solo performers both before and after ABBA, but I didn’t see anything by the band itself. Maybe the assumption is that anyone who comes to the museum already owns the entire canon. Maybe I just missed it, but the store isn’t that large, so I don’t see how I could have.IMG_0668

There was the usual: various articles of clothing, books, mugs, bric-a-brac, pens magnets and who knows what else. Prices seemed a little steep to me, but I wasn’t in Sweden long enough to get a real feel for what things cost. The subway in Stockholm is 43 Crowns per trip, which works out to about seven Canadian dollars. That’s twice the cost for public transit in Ottawa, so maybe the museum shop prices were actually quite reasonable.

I was very tempted to buy something small, just to show I had been there. Common sense prevailed though, and I left empty-handed.

The funny thing is, I wound up not buying any souvenirs of my time in Sweden. The ABBA store was the only shop I was in in the five days I was there. I did see some souvenir shops in the old town district, but I was on my way to a meeting and didn’t have time to stop.

Maybe next time.

One comment

  1. Wow, no music.
    Abba must be inspiring after all these years…the band just inspired two blogs by Lorne!

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