Hot Dog!

French Canadians jealously guard their language from Anglo inclusions. Their French cousins have a more laissez-faire attitude towards English. Or maybe they are just lazy.

I grew up in Quebec, where a weekend was fin de semaine, parking was stationnement, stop was arret and a hot dog was a chien chaud. Even new words, like email, have a French equivalent: couriel. In France if you use those French Canadian terms you will receive looks of puzzlement; they use the English terms.

So I was not surprised to see a sign in Stockholm advertising a hot dog. What was surprising was to have it labeled as a French hot dog.

Admittedly my travels in France have been somewhat limited. However, I have never seen nor heard of the creature portrayed on this sign. My impression has always been that the French will eat hot dogs, but blame the Americans for it. Certainly no-one in France claims it as a French food.

Which means someone in Sweden owes France an apology. Perhaps at  a free hot dog. Or at least a chien chaud.



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