Getting There

The Crown Prince’s carriage.

Travel seems to be ramping up after two years of pandemic hiatus. People are making plans to go new places and see new things, even as the number of COVID-19 cases are once more increasing.

I think the difference is that the latest variant doesn’t hit as hard, even as it is more easily transferred from one person to another. I have seen some suggestions that we are all going to get this one, but that for most of those fully vaccinated it won’t be a big deal.

Model of a Berlin carriage – this one was pulled by goats and used by the royal children.

I’m hoping to travel again this year, a mix of business and pleasure. Six countries on the probable list so far, though at this point none are guaranteeed. (These days I don’t consider a trip to be definitely “on” until I am sitting in the plane.)

So today I thought perhaps a couple of pictures of carriages used by the Swedish royal family that are on display in the Royal Stables in Stockholm. I spent a day in downtown Stockholm in 2017, just wandering around. The conference I had been attending was over, and while there were still some ongoing meetings, they were in Arabic with no translation, so I took the day off.

That day of wandering was not enough. I definitely want to return at some point, but I also am suffering from the traveler’s curse: so many places, so little time.

The Coronation coach – manufactured in 1696.

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