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Fontana Del Pantheon

With Saturday’s post being about the upcoming American election, I thought perhaps a photo essay would be appropriate today, something to cleanse your palate, so to speak. And what could be more cleansing than a nicely flowing fountain? Rome has so many of them, with the best-known being Trevi Fountain, but today’s is pretty popular […]

Largely Forgotten

I went for a walk in the neighborhood and got slapped in the face by history. Almost knocked me over. It wasn’t in Sulzburg where history can go back a millennium, but Rome where recorded history can take you back 3,000 years. We were just wandering through the neighborhood where my son and his wife […]

Trevi Fountain

I should apologize. I put the cart ahead of the horse this week. It was only as I was scheduling Wednesday’s post that I realized I had never shared my pictures of Rome’s Trevi Fountain. I promised then I would get some of those to you soon. Trevi Fountain is a tourist magnet and a […]

Return To Trevi Fountain

  Been there, done that. Why do we keep going back? It might have something to do with the beauty of the sculptures. Or that being near water somehow makes a hot Rome day seem a little cooler. Whatever the reason, whether it is your first trip to Rome or your 101st, Trevi seems to […]

Church Facades

  My family tolerates my affinity for church buildings. But they don’t indulge me. In Rome that might be a good thing, given the number of churches in the city – more than 900. If we stopped to check out each one we passed by, we’d never get to our destination. That is because I […]

Furry Creatures of Rome

When you think of furry animals in Rome, most tourists think cats. After all, there is a much-visited cat sanctuary downtown. But cats aren’t the only wild animals you can see if you keep your eyes open. There are also nutria, animals I had never heard of  before last week. Had you? We were in […]

Jet Lagged?

Can you experience jet lag after a flight in the same time zone? My brain says no. My body says yes. Just back from a long weekend trip to Rome, and my body feels about as out of whack as it does after a transatlantic voyage. I guess that makes sense in a way – […]

Pantheon Pictures II

We close out or three-day look at one of Rome’s top attractions with some more photographs.

Pantheon Pictures I

Today and tomorrow some random photos from the Pantheon in Rome. Like many great churches it is also the final resting place for some notable people. I leave it to you to do the research as to which tombs are featured in these pictures. There’s a king (more than one actually) and a well known […]

Reflections from the Pantheon

The first time I was in the Pantheon, 2009 I think, I didn’t have my camera with me. Didn’t even have my cell phone, though I don’t know why. When I was there in April I made it a priority to visit again.   There’s something about the Pantheon that draws people. Perhaps it is […]