Fontana Del Pantheon


With Saturday’s post being about the upcoming American election, I thought perhaps a photo essay would be appropriate today, something to cleanse your palate, so to speak. And what could be more cleansing than a nicely flowing fountain?IMG_3260

Rome has so many of them, with the best-known being Trevi Fountain, but today’s is pretty popular too, located as it is outside one of the Eternal City’s major tourist attractions.

Fontana del Pantheon is more than 400 years old. Numbers like that impress me, given that in North America we don’t have public art that old.

The sculpture itself doesn’t stir my soul, but it makes for a great reference point of you are looking to meet people. It is a busy spot, but no so crowded that you can’t find someone you are looking for.

“Meet me at Fontana del Pantheon at four this afternoon” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?




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