Trevi Fountain


I should apologize. I put the cart ahead of the horse this week.

It was only as I was scheduling Wednesday’s post that I realized I had never shared my pictures of Rome’s Trevi Fountain. I promised then I would get some of those to you soon.

Trevi Fountain is a tourist magnet and a magnificent piece of art. My first visit was in 2009, a decade ago. I don’t remember what we are doing in the day, visiting the Vatican Museum perhaps, but it was late when we got to the fountain, after 10 p.m. There were still hundreds of people milling about. I remember being impressed by the crowds as much as the lighting of the fountain. So today a couple of pictures from that visit.IMG_3374

In 2018, I dropped by the fountain on a subsequent trip to Rome – this time in daylight. I took a lot of pictures then, too many to share with you,  so you’re just getting a sample. That’s one of the problems with a digital camera – instead of working to get a perfect shot you take way too many pictures, hoping something will turn out the way you wanted.

Public art is always risky. When it comes to artistic appreciation, so much is in the eye of the beholder, colored by culture and experience. I find Trevi Fountain aesthetically pleasing, but someone else might see it as over the top. I wonder how Romans reacted to Trevi when it was completed, almost 300 years ago. Maybe they saw it as being a bit much.

Then again, so much of Rome is larger than life. Trevi Fountain fits right in.



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