Memory Lapses

When you travel you are confident the memories will stay with you forever. It doesn’t always work that way.

Every family has a box of old pictures taken before the digital age. Vacations, friends, relatives – who knows who these people are? Sometimes the names would get written on the back of the print, more often not. After all, who could ever forget that couple we met on the beach that year?

But we do. Every so often my sister sends a photo that my mother had kept, asking if I can identify the person. I usually have no idea. Color or black and white, it makes no difference. My memory fades too – and often the pictures are of people I probably never met.

It is more embarrassing when you can’t remember what is in the photos you took yourself. Especially when it wasn’t that long ago.

Today’s offering comes from Rome, from my first visit there in 2009. As you can tell, it was nighttime. I remember we were heading to Trevi Fountain. And came across what I remember as a book market, though I don’t know if it was permanent or temporary. I liked the colors, so I took some pictures.

Now I have no idea where in Rome I was – and part of me wants to know. So I thought I’d ask you. Perhaps you know the city better than I do and can help me out.

If you can’t, just enjoy the pictures.

Postscript: I decided I’d try some research before posting this. I looked at some pictures I took in Rome in 2018 and found a photo of what appears to be the same column in the middle of this square. It’s only three years ago, but I didn’t note the location then either.

But I did take a photo of the inscription at the base of the column. Using that as teh basis for my search, I deduce that I was in the Piazza Colonna. Maybe soon I’ll share more photos of the piazza. It looked a lot different in daylight, if indeed it is the same place. I’m still hoping someone who knows Rome better than me can confirm that it is.


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