Return To Trevi Fountain


IMG_7225Been there, done that. Why do we keep going back?

It might have something to do with the beauty of the sculptures. Or that being near water somehow makes a hot Rome day seem a little cooler.IMG_7221

Whatever the reason, whether it is your first trip to Rome or your 101st, Trevi seems to be a magnet.

There might be fewer people gathered there in the middle of the night, but I doubt it.

I will admit I gave in to click-bait yesterday, looked at one of those links that listed “20 over-rated tourist attractions” or something like that. Trevi was on the list.

I get that. Also on the list was the Mona Lisa (it is small and crowded, I agree), the Statue of Liberty, the pyramids of Egypt, the Colosseum and a number of other popular sights, many of which I have visited.IMG_7230

Looking at the list, it seemed to me that whomever compiled it seemed upset not at the sites themselves, but at their popularity. Crowds aren’t fun, I know that

While I agree the Manneken Pis in Brussels is vastly over-rated, I understand why people visit it. (and it is free after all). I have fond memories of the Tower of London, though admittedly it may not be as enjoyable to visit as it was the last time I was there, 38 years ago. I certainly don’t regret visiting the Empire State Building (also on the list) and intend to tour the Colosseum again on my next trip to Rome. I may never visit the pyramids or Stonehenge, but there is no denying their appeal.IMG_7233

So today some pictures taken earlier this month as I walked by the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I will admit I didn’t spend much time admiring it; it was a long day and I was thinking about dinner at that point. Plus, it is only a year since the last time I saw it.

I also didn’t find it as overcrowded as some say it is, but maybe I have lower standards. I just know I have never had difficulty getting a good few, or a place to sit if I wanted one.

On my next trip to Rome I may skip a visit to Trevi. Or I may go and stay longer. It is very beautiful at night, and it has been a while since I have seen it in the dark.

(As I was preparing to post this I wanted to link it to my posts about earlier visits to Trevi Fountain. Much to my surprise, I never did post any pictures, and apparently didn’t write about it either. So much for the “Return” in the title. I will therefore post some of those in the near future – including some nighttime shots, if I can find where my 2009 photos are stored on my hard drive.)


  1. Lovely photos and I certainly agree that the Trevi is one of the most beautiful sights of Rome. That overrated list has probably been drawn up by some young cool backpacker who hates tourists and thinks he knows it all. All of the places you mentioned are incredible must-see locations aren’t they?

    1. The popular places I have visited usually live up to their billing. The exceptions would be the Manneken Pis and Mini-Europe, both in Brussels.

      I knew the Mona Lisa is a small painting before visiting the Louvre, so I wasn’t disappointed.

      The Tower of London is so long ago (almost 40 years) that I don’t remember much, but I did think it was good value for money.

      So much of travel is attitude. That is one of the few things you can control when trains are late, flights canceled and lines incredibly long.

      I will admit to enjoying the lesser known sights as much as if not more than major attractions. As long as I am learning something new, I am happy.

      1. It’s in the eye of the beholder isn’t it? We don’t like mega-busy tourist places too much but sometimes you have to bite the bullet if it’s a special place.

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