Roman Park – I

Last November I learned that there were Roman ruins in Heitersheim, a five-kilometre walk from our new home in Sulzburg. However, when I went to check them out I discovered they were closed for the winter.IMG_20180930_1628015

I almost missed them again this year. I had walked past on several occasions in spring and summer, but never had the time to stop and check them out. Last Sunday, realizing that winter would be here soon and the ruins and museum closed, we made Heitersheim the destination for our afternoon walk.

I wasn’t expecting much. I knew that the museum is on the sit of an old Roman villa built sometime before 300 A.D. I also knew that admission was free – which is usually a sign that the exhibits aren’t exciting enough for people to want to pay to see them.

I was impressed to discover an English-language brochure as I entered the building. I don’t expect that in this part of Germany. And, as I expected, the exhibit was well done but not what I would describe as thrilling. What is now Heitersheim was not a hub of Roman activity in the days of Empire. Still, it was an interesting visit to see the remains of what was the only villa of its type on the Upper Rhine. And, they have done a very good job (I think) in creating  a small museum. I’d go back. I will go back, maybe to the cafe on the site. I’d go to the playground, which was mobbed on Sunday with many more people than were in the museum, but it seems pointless do to so without children. Maybe if I borrowed some…

Until then, some pictures. More tomorrow.

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  1. […] her up at the station, and we decided to walk for an hour before heading home. We parked by the Roman ruins in Heitersheim and headed into the vineyards. We could see a village a short distance […]

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