We were early at the playground to meet friends, so there was time for a short walk around the area. You’ll never guess what we found.

It was the free-range chickens that first grabbed our attention, then we saw the vending machine with the eggs. Up close we realized there were more than eggs.

In Ottawa I have become used to the grocery store across the street being open round the clock. If I need a last-minute item, no matter what it is or what time it is, I can get it.

Shopping in Sulzburg is more problematic. The grocery store is small, with a limited selection, and open about 30 hours a week, not 168. It’s not much better in larger communities, such as Heitersheim, where we found this chicken and egg display.

The advantage to the machine is it is always open. If you run out of eggs at 3 a.m. it is only a short drive from a dozen different area communities (ten minutes for me). That convenience offsets the higher price you’ll pay for organic eggs.

And it isn’t just eggs on offer. There are also salad greens and spätzle, which is an egg-based pasta. I guess that’s where any leftover fresh eggs go.

I don’t know if Canadian farms offer such automated convenience for those wanting their products. I suspect not.

We are a different culture with different shopping patterns. Farms don’t tend to be located a block away from a playground – you’ll generally find them along the highways instead.

At least now I know where I can get farm-fresh eggs anytime I want them.


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  1. And chickens!

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