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The Plane Not Taken

I never thought it would last this long. Did you? Is there anyone at this point whose life hasn’t been disrupted by COVID-19? When will it end? I’m supposed to be on a plane today, going back to Canada for vacation. Instead I’m hoping for a Christmas flight – if any airlines are flying then. […]

Waiting For A Plane XXIII – Toronto

In 2015 I spent a lot of time in airports. I shared my thoughts on those trips with you in a series of posts. I managed to get through 2016 with my feet firmly planted on the ground, but it looks like I’ll be collecting a few frequent flyer points this year. I think I […]

Waiting For A Plane XXI – Frankfurt

I’m writing this on the plane. No time to write from the airport waiting area like I usually do. It took 40 minutes to get from where our flight arrived from Basel to the gate where the flight to Toronto was boarding. No time to sit, no time to shop, just get through the passport […]

Lost Luggage

My uncle was able to threaten an airline with a police investigation when they lost his luggage. My wife couldn’t threaten that, which may be why her luggage still hasn’t arrived, five days after she flew from Toronto to Manchester (England, not New Hampshire). The impression I had was that Air Transat didn’t care. They […]

Waiting For A Plane X – Pearson Airport

I was traveling for a couple of weeks last month. I spent a lot of time in airports. In each one I had time on my hands. As a result I wrote at least one post in each of the airports; this is the concluding post in the series. Some of the posts are more […]