Waiting For A Plane XXI – Frankfurt

I’m writing this on the plane. No time to write from the airport waiting area like I usually do. It took 40 minutes to get from where our flight arrived from Basel to the gate where the flight to Toronto was boarding. No time to sit, no time to shop, just get through the passport check and get to the other side of the airport. Hurry, Hurry, hurry.

When I got to the gate I only had five minutes before boarding. I didn’t mind, waiting is not fun on the trip home. I just want it to be over. And it’s not like I haven’t been in the Frankfurt airport before.img_20170224_083340

Once on the plane though, things have slowed down. We’re boarded, but not moving. Turns out there is turbulence over the United Kingdom (something to do with Brexit maybe?) which means that a new flight plan is required. Looks like we will be flying over France instead. Which delays takeoff by an hour. Which means that my connecting flight to Ottawa will be long gone by the time we land.

This doesn’t surprise me. It seems every time I get routed through Pearson airport the incoming flight is late. Plus, I’m flying Air Canada – I expect delays.

So no impressions of Frankfurt airport on this trip, except that it seemed even busier than normal, if that is possible. I could give my impressions of the plane, which is a Boeing 777-300, but what could I say? It is big, not completely full and has more movies than the incoming flight to Heathrow 12 days ago – which was also delayed.

Offhand I am not sure if I have ever flown Air Canada without a delay. On this trip I also flew SAS once and Lufthansa twice, and those three flights were on time, only Air Canada, it seems, ever runs behind schedule.

I did snap one picture inside the airport while heading to the gate, but that is tomorrow’s post I think.

The good thing about a long flight when I’m awake is that I’ll get to see a few movies. I never seem to get to the theatre, flights are my catch-up time.


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