Waiting For A Plane XXIII – Toronto

In 2015 I spent a lot of time in airports. I shared my thoughts on those trips with you in a series of posts. I managed to get through 2016 with my feet firmly planted on the ground, but it looks like I’ll be collecting a few frequent flyer points this year. I think I was in seven airports in February, waiting for a plane. There’s not much else to do in airports except read or write, so I jotted down my thoughts as I traveled. This is the last installment – until the next time I fly.


Remind me again why I dislike Pearson International Airport. Oh yes….IMG_20170224_091234

It’s not just because I am eager to get home, and having to change planes for a 45-minute flight is annoying.

It’s not just because inevitably my flight arrives late and I miss my connection.

It’s not just because Air Canada has once again changed the baggage procedures for connecting passengers.

It’s not that Air Canada didn’t have boarding passes for my new flight waiting when I stepped of this one (they did last time). Having to line up for the paperwork is an unnecessary delay.

It’s not that I had to line up yet again to go through security because they make those with connecting flights exit into


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