The In-between Day

Yesterday was Good Friday. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. What do you say on the day in between the two?

The day after Jesus’ crucifixion was a sad one. His followers hopes and dreams had been dashed. They feared for their lives. There was no reason for optimism. The man they thought was the Messiah, the savior of their people, had been executed. They had invested time, had left family, friends and businesses behind for the promise of God’s Kingdom. And now the dream had ended on a Roman cross.

It was probably an even sadder day in the spiritual realm. For the Son of God to have come to earth to live as a human was strange enough, but there was a belief that God knew what He was doing. With the crucifixion though, I wonder if doubt entered into the minds of the heavenly beings. At the same time there was probably rejoicing in Hell at what could only be seen as the death of God.

Saturday was a sad day for Jesus followers. They didn’t know that Easter was coming. But we do.

So today, a couple of musical offerings from Don Francisco. “Too Small A Price,” the video above is more of a Good Friday song. “He’s Alive,” below, is an Easter tune. Both are long story-songs, and I chose live versions for today, figuring that Don enunciates clearly so you didn’t need the lyrics. If you have some minutes to spare today, check them out.


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