The Easter Song

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

Easter is one of those days when I miss being on the radio. There are so many great Easter songs, and I always loved to share them with the audience. So a couple of videos today, different versions of a song that reflects the spirit of the day.

“Easter Song” was something I played every Easter Sunday morning for years, starting with the 1974 original by the 2nd Chapter of Acts, which is below, along with a later version by Matthew Ward of that group. Looking at Matthew in the 1974 album cover and then at the video from a decade ago reminds me that we are all growing older.

At the top of today’s post is a live version from the late Keith Green, who expanded the song and made it his own.

There’s also an instrumental version (that looks to me suspiciously like a COVID recording) from Phil Keaggy – who played the song many times back in the 1970s when he was touring with the 2nd Chapter of Acts. You can hear what that sounded like in 1977 just under the instrumental version.

As well I’m including a version from indie artist Jess Ray that I really like. And an acapella version from the vocal group Glad.

I’ve loved this song since the first time I heard it. You probably guessed that by now. The music says it all, so I’ll save any words of wisdom for another day. I hope you check out a few of these to celebrate Resurrection Day.


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