Pandemic Aftermath

I did have a different post planned for today, but thought perhaps some humor might be appropriate for a Monday morning. Then I saw this online.

2020 seems so long ago. That panic buying and hoarding said a lot about our priorities, about us as a society, and about the fragility of the supply chain. We all know so much more now than we did back then about how things work.

As the latest variant of the COVID-19 virus spreads across North America, we seem to have become rather blasé when it comes to the warnings. I see some people on public transit still wearing masks, but the number seems fewer each week.

Perhaps we have realized that while we can mitigate the risks from the virus, we can’t eliminate them. Or maybe we have just grown so tired of the pandemic that we have gotten reckless.

Whichever it is, no matter what happens next in our world, hopefully we have at least reached the point where we won’t keep hoarding toilet paper.

Do you think that is possible? No, neither do I.


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