Welcome to Boxing Day

There’s been a social shift in the past decade. Boxing Day is no longer what it once was.

It used to be the day you got the best shopping deals, as retailers sought to unload leftover merchandise in the post-Christmas period. And they still do that. But the sales don’t seem as big.

It’s Black Friday that captures the mood these days. The day after the American Thanksgiving holiday is when people throw spending restraint to the wind.

I didn’t buy anything on Black Friday this year. Or last for that matter. Which probably puts me in the minority.

I don’t shop on Boxing Day anymore either. And it isn’t just that the deals aren’t as good as they once were. It is more that there is nothing on sale that I need.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t things I don’t want. My television is half the size of the one I saw advertised the other day. A bigger screen would be nice. But I don’t really need it. And the TV I have is already a reasonable size, even if it doesn’t qualify as a “smart” TV.

I wonder if I am alone in feeling there’s nothing on sale to justify the feeding frenzy that is Black Friday or Boxing Day? Is it a generational thing? Have I reached the age when I am reluctant to buy new toys because I figure I might not last as long as they will?

Or is it just that my life is too busy to appreciate the joys of consumerism? If I slowed down, would I want to buy more?

If you are planning on indulging in the sales today, I hope you enjoy the experience. I’m going to skip them

For this year anyway.



  1. Neil Remington Abramson · · Reply

    The trouble with such sales is having to buy what they want you to get rather than what you need. Black Friday passed without a purchase from me. Today I got $105 off on a digital subscription to the Economist.

    I’ve heard merchants can prepare for Black Friday with decontented versions of products that look the same but aren’t. They can sell them for less, make the same profit, and you might never realize what you didn’t actually get. Through ignorance – satisfaction!

  2. Jen adams · · Reply

    You will outlast anything you buy cous. Nothing is built to last more than 5 years and I think you have at least that left!!!!

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