What Is This?

Any suggestions?

It was on a Mediterranean  beach, about an hour west of Alexandria, Egypt, near El Alamein (site of a famous World War Two battle). 

When I saw it from a distance I thought it might be some sort of beach chair anchored in the sand for anyone to use. Beside it was a giant spool, once used I presume for cable, that could be used as a table. 

When I got closer though it didn’t look like the sort of thing you would want to sit on – not quite the right shape. It didn’t look comfortable.

When I touched it, it felt like Styrofoam, though a color I have never seen before. Which possibly makes it packing material, though for what I have no idea. 

It did look intriguing though. There was no-one else walking along the seashore, so I couldn’t ask anyone their opinion as to its origins. Washed up from somewhere is the most likely answer.

Which leaves me with my original question: what is it? Any ideas?

I wrote this post in Egypt. I remember taking pictures of the object I described, lots of them. Closeups from different angles. Somehow though, there seem to be none on my phone or camera. I can’t decide if that is a memory failure or some sort of technical glitch.

I thought I would post this anyway, with the object in the background. Even at a distance, maybe someone will recognize it, as unlikely as that seems.


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