On The Road Again

It’s travel time. A combination of business and (I hope) pleasure. Which means some reruns are in order.

For the next four weeks, more or less, I’ll be repeating some of my favorite posts from the past eight years. Mostly travel posts I think.

I don’t promise not to break in with some breaking news if the situation warrants it, but for the most part I intend to gather experiences to share with you when I get back. I’m hoping they will be postive ones, no airport horror stories.

Then again, people like airport horror stories, as long as they are not their own. I’ll be in eight airports in the next four weeks. A couple are favorites, a couple are places I want to avoid but can’t. I think only one is one I haven’t been to before – though the one I haven’t been to since 1981 probably qualifies as new. It isn’t like I remember it.

Treaveling during the ongoing pandemic has its challenges, and I may share a bit about that too. So many more documents required. Which means more possibilities for error. (I received an email saying my COVID travel documents were approved before I uploaded them.)

I dislike travel. The part where you are going from A to B. I usually like the destination.

Now, before I start to wax poetic, I have to go catch a plane.


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