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Canada’s Prime Minister is seeking support from the New Democratic, Bloc Quebecois and Green parties to support his plans to limit debate in the House of Commons (and accelerate the passing of his legislation). He says this is necessary because the Conservatives, the Official Opposition, are too partisan.

According to Justin Trudeau: “We know and we’ve seen it, the Conservatives are going to continue to try and play whatever partisan games they can, regardless of the consequence on Canadians. They’re much more focused on their own interests right now than they are on the interests of Canadians,”

I’m a little confused here. Isn’t party politics expected to have a partisan element? And isn’t the Prime Minister being partisan when he says his agenda must move forward?

Didn’t his party also use procedural tactics to slow things when they were in Opposition? If it was right then, why is it not right now?

All parties in the House claim to be working for the best interests of Canadians. They differ however as to what is best for the country. That’s why we have elections, so that Canadians can choose among competing visions of what is best.

So why does the Prime Minister think his vision must be rammed through? Becasue it is his? Or because it is better.

In the 2021 federal election more people voted for the Conservatives than for the Liberals. But in the Westminster system it isn’t always the most popular party that wins the most seats.

The Prime Minister must know that – his Liberals only attracted 32 per cent of the votes last year. If I understand the math, that means more than two-thirds of the voters preferred someone else as Prime Minister. And preferred a different vision for the country.

So help me understand. Why is it okay for him to be partisan but not other people?



  1. In simple terms–because there is a pandemic! That rather changes things. Given how The Conservative Party of Canada has thrown the City of Ottawa under the bus–oops, under the trucks–it’s obvious their interests lie in simply opposing the government, regardless of what is right for Canadians. We need to all come together to get through this pandemic, not spend our resources in party politics–would someone kindly tell that to the Tories? And then tell them to stop endorsing urinating on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and stealing food from the homeless? Tories always were about protecting big business at the expense of the “little people”–quite apparent these days in our Nation’s Capital!

    1. Please post the information about any politican or any person endorsing publi urination.

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    One more instance of why bureau likes the Chinese dictatorial system: no pesky opposition!Questionab

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