It is the first day of February, or, if you prefer, the 10,321st day of COVID. At least it seems that way. That being the case, let’s just go for a couple of chuckles today and save the deep stuff for another day.

I must admit, I think that one daily. I’m sure it is an extra security precaution, but it is still annoying. How many times in a day do you have to enter a username or password? I’ve never counted, but my guess is for me it would easily be 50 times. Compounding the problem is that for one of the organizations I work for the password protocol requires at least 20 characters, including a mixture of uppper and lower case, numbers and symbols. No problem for those sites that let me see the password as I type – but so many don’t.

Now I’m hungry – and thinking I know what to have for dinner. Have a great Tuesday!

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