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Heading Home?

Canada’s airports are in chaos, especially Toronto’s Pearson Airport. That is the airport I am supposed to fly to today. I’m not looking forward to the experience. When reports of problems processing passengers first surfaced a few weeks ago, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra placed the blame squarely with air travelers. People had forgotten the routine […]

Voting Day

Voting in Canada next federal election will take place over three days. That’s a great idea, but it doesn’t go far enough.  The changing of the voting day from one to three days is part of the deal the governing Liberals have struck with the NDP. In exchange for pharmacy, dental care and other programs, […]

Missing A Slam Dunk

It is not often that Canada’s Official Opposition hands the government and easy victory. They did that this week – and the government missed it. I can only presume that they are so locked into their ways that they can’t see a gift when it is given to them. The Conservative Party sponsored a motion […]

Help Me Understand

Canada’s Prime Minister is seeking support from the New Democratic, Bloc Quebecois and Green parties to support his plans to limit debate in the House of Commons (and accelerate the passing of his legislation). He says this is necessary because the Conservatives, the Official Opposition, are too partisan. According to Justin Trudeau: “We know and […]

Right Thinking Triumphs

Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Cohesiveness, or the desire for cohesiveness, in a group may produce a tendency among its members to agree at all costs. This causes the […]

The Knives Are Out

I was confused when I answered the phone. Who conducts a political poll three days after an election? As the automated caller worked through its questions the purpose became clear. Did I think Canada was moving in the right direction? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no. Which party did I vote for? (I lied […]

And The Winner Will Be…

Canadians choose a new government today. In theory anyway. As I write this, the polls will be open for another few hours, and then the counting begins. Given how close the tally is expected to be, and with a million mail-in ballots that won’t be counted before Tuesday, it may be a few days before […]

The Day Before

Canadians go to the polls on Monday to choose a national government. Or at least those who haven’t already voted by mail or in the advance polls, where about six million votes have already been cast. If the polls are right, it is going to be a close one with the probable outcome a Liberal […]

The Home Stretch

Just a week until election day, and there is still no predictable winner in Canada’s federal election. Or is there? The Liberals regained their lead in the polls during the past few days, but the Conservatives are so close that the numbers are meaningless – all within the pollsters’ margin of error. Given the way […]

Past The Halfway Mark

Whos is ahead? Who cares? The Canadian federal election is in two weeks, but are people really paying attention? Or are they more concerned with the start of school and whether the pandemic will once again force a return to online learning? In case you missed it, here are some of the political lowlights of […]