Some on the internet are calling it “Canada’s January 6 event,” likening it to the attempted insurrection in Washington D.C. last year. Thousands of Canadian truckers are descending on Ottawa to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandate on their industry.

Earlier this week some suggested 50,000 trucks and a half a million people were on their way to Parliament Hill. To me that seemed ridiculously high. I expected a couple of thousand trucks and perhaps 10,000 people all told – and official estimates are in that range also. We’ll find out today as the convoy arrives from east and west.

That would still make it one of the largest protests in Canadian history. The annual March for Life is bigger numerically, but they don’t have trucks. 

It is disturbing though to hear that some extremists are suggesting there could be violence. What do they expect to do? Seize the Parliament buildings? Then what?

I support the right to peaceful protest. It is part of our democratic system. But lawlessness and violence are not part of the sytem. What happend last January in Washington was not civil disobedience (which tends to be passive) and I hope Canadians upset with government policies don’t try to emulate what took place down south.

I am opposed to many of the current federal policies. I think the Prime Minister has shown that he has no respect for anyone who disagrees with him and has no desire to consider other opinions. He desires compliancy not dialogue.

In this case, he has labeled the truckers as a “fringe minority” whose views are “unacceptable.” It is only a year ago that he was calling truckers “heroes, delivering essential goods during the pandemic. 

Certainly those protesting against the vaccine mandate are a minority, though I’m not sure about the fringe part. Public opinion polls say the majority of Candians favor the mandates.

I am not sure just what is meant when the PM says the upset truckers’ views are unacceptable. Is he denying that they have a right to hold them? Or to peacefully protest in favor of their beliefs? It is certain he won’t meet with them – he is in self-isolation after being “exposed” to someone with COVID-19.

(As I understand the Ontario health regulations, as someone who has been fully vaccinated, Trudeau does not have to self isolate. But by doing so he avoids the truckers and the re-opening of Parliament. Given that no details were released regarding his “exposure,” a cynic would be forgiven for thinking the timing was convenient.)

There’s a difference between views I don’t like or agree with and those that are unacceptable. I’d like to see the PM explain the difference. I suspect he might not see any.

Most of his pandemic policies, I would argue, are based more on ideology than science. His government has done a poor job. He would disagree.

He was warned that a vaccine mandate for the trucking industry could cause supply chain disruptions. (He was also warned about problems with similar mandates in other industries.) He chose to impose them anyway.

I sympathize with those who have what they feel are valid reasons not to be vaccinated against COVID-19. I might even agree that the science behind vaccine mandates as a a method of pandemic control is sketchy.

However, the government makes the rules. Truckers have an option. The vaccine or find a new job. 
Is that fair? Is it right? Is it moral? Good questions. 

It is the law of the land though. Feel free to protest. If you want to change it, wait until the next election. That is the way democracy works, No matter how frustrated you are with the government.

Those wanting to emulate what happened in the US a year ago don’t understand democracy. Let us hope those taking part in the truckers’ protest do.


  1. Hard to say when we’ll get a chance to elect a new federal government. Given that people were (I think quite rightly) upset that the previous election seemed to give us back the same government that went to the polls, we may be stuck with Trudeau for a while yet. The Tories are busy blowing themselves up so I doubt they’ll be pushing for an election before they sort out their own leadership. Would be nice to have a real alternative to the status quo. I don’t like what the Liberals are saying, but I’ve yet to hear an alternative–all I hear is a lot of whining and complaining that the current direction isn’t working. Easy to criticize–harder to come with an alternate plan.

    1. Average life span of a minority government in Canada is about two years. So we are looking at an election in 2023. Or sooner.

  2. It seems strange that the Trudeau and Biden governments waited until January of 2022 to impose the cross border vaccine restriction for truckers. In Canada, probable exposure to Covid from someone who travelled ouside of Canada is .8%. Trudeau says about 90% of truckers are vaccinated compared to 83% of Canadians who are eligible to be vaccinated. With the added wrinkle that with the Omicron variant it is not at all uncommon to get the virus even when you are fully vaccinated and recently boosted (that would be me) and the whole idea of vaccine mandates and passports falls apart as a method to reduce transmission.

  3. Some interesting stats–in Ontario, 84% of eligible population are fully vaccinated, yet only comprise 65% of the hospital admissions for Covid. The non-vaccinated form 11% of the population, yet account for 30% of hospital admissions. Partially vaccinated comprise 5% of the population, and also 5% of hospital admissions. So there are roughly 7.5 times as many who are fully vaccinated compared to those who are unvaccinated, yet the vaccinated population is only 2.2 times that of the unvaccinated population in hospital admissions. I’m not looking at rates of infection, since those are so unreliable with the shortage of Covid tests available, but hospital admissions would seem to be more reliable. ICU numbers look very close, in terms of vaccinated vs unvaccinated, but if the vaccines are so useless (as some claim), one would expect there to be 7.5 times as many vaccinated patients compared to the unvaccinated. I might not know what’s in it–but I know it works! I didn’t know what was in the vaccines given to me as a child–nor those given to my children–but I know they also work.

    1. No disgareement from me on the stats. I’m fully vaccinated. But I understand why someone might be hesitantto adopt this new rechnology.

  4. Governments force us to wear motorcycle helmets, seat belts, pass competency test for a driver’s license, and myriad other things, all for the safety of the individual and the collective. I’ve personally lost 3 relatives to Covid, and couldn’t attend their funerals. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, exercise your right to stay home. The government has every right to protect the majority from the heartless and selfish minority who think their “freedom” is the right to hurt others. Not so!

    1. I as ell have not been able to attend funerals of loved ones who died due to COVID, so I understand where you are coming from.

      I am though just as likely to be infected by by someone who is vaccinated as unvaccinated. Indeed, it seems to me that most of the people I know who have contracted COVID are vaccinated (which means a less severe case) and have followed all the health guidelines. The virus seems to make no distinctions as to who it infects.

  5. Jen Adams · · Reply

    Have you seen the injuries from these “safe and effective” shots? (I can’t even call them vaccines) just the VAERS reports alone, which is known to be under reported, is staggering. I personally know people injured and then there are all the people with injuries that I am assuming are coming from the shots who don’t even realize it themselves. All of a sudden I know many people who had strokes, heart issues, brain tumour etc. Yes of course people had them before but I never knew so many. And as for being effective, I know tons of people who have gotten covid and are double or triple jabbed! And as for “at least they keep people out of the hospital” is a lie! No matter what they tell you if you go on the provincial website you see the vaxxed are dominating. All of this was to promote fear and drive an agenda. And it’s working … look at all those wearing a mask while walking or driving completely alone. I’m so sad to see that kind of fear! We need a revival of people who put their trust in God not in big pharma. Pharma is getting richer while destroying us because they play on our fear of death. Last time I checked we all die! I just hope that people will wake up before they go along with jab #4 and 5 and 6.

  6. Jen Adams · · Reply

    We can’t wait until a new election to change things. Do you know how much damage Justin can do in three more years???

    1. I am well aware of how much damage a politician can do in a term of office. I am even more aware of the damage that can be done by people putting themselves above the law.

      If the people chose a government that causes harm, then they have to live with that and wait for the next election. If they don’t learn and repeat the mistake, that is sad, but it is also democracy.

  7. Dear Lorne

    The government is there to serve the people, not the other way round. The government is being very, very stupid. In reality, I am not even sure whether the mandates come from many apart from Justin Trudeau and his immediate allies. I understand he has a minority government.

    The law of the land is only what he has imposed. I don’t believe a mandate is even strictly law but that is irrelevant. Vaccines are utterly, utterly pointless and always have been.

    Those that have them are playing Russian roulette with their bodies, both sad and mad. People who object do not want to play this stupid game because they are sensible.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

    1. If the government is being stupid, the people can respond at the ballot box. Most Canadians seem to approve of the way this government has handled the pandemic. That may not say much about our collective intelligence.

      Vaccines are for the most part safe and effective. Even the COVID-19 vaccines, as new as they are, seem to be having a positive impact. Those who don’t believe that are free to choose not to be vaccinated. So far anyway.

      It is government overreach that concerns me, a demonizing of anyone with a contrary opinion, no matter how well reasoned.

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