The Rule of Law

Back in my teens there was a television show that ran for several seasons  that made fun of the law. Given the times in which we live, I’m surprised someone hasn’t revived it. 

Then again, it would probably be shut down by either the government or proponents of cancel culture. The governmnet doesn’t like people makintg fun of it. To do so is anti-Soviet.

This Is The Law spoofed not lthe laws we all agree are necessary, like the prohibition against murder, but outdated or silly rules that governments had either passed long ago or when they didn’t have their brains in gear. 

The show featured reenactments of law breaking, and then an expert panel would have to determine what law was being broken. I don’t remember how points were awarded and what the prize was. There’s an exerpt from a later episode

I do remember two particular laws though, which is amazing after 50 years. I wonder if they are still in force.

One I remember being from Michigan, which must be a memory glitch on my part since the show was dedicated to weird Canadian laws. Whereever, in this community it was illegal to fly a red flag. Supposedly that was a sign of insurrection. I’m not sure why, but there must have been a good reason for such a rule. Mustn’t there?

The other one I remember was from Ottawa, a city I would move to a couple of years after the show first aired. Turns out that in Ottawa it was illegal then to urinate on the street unless you face your horse-drawn cart. I wonder if city council has expunged that one in the past 50 years.

Sometimes it seems our laws don’t pass the common sense test. Maybe there is something about the collective minds of lawmakers that makes two plus two equal something less than four. 

That would explain pandemic border closures that only apply to land crossings and not to air travel. After all, people who can afford to fly never get sick.

You can probably think of a few other examples. Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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