Great Minds Think Alike

Smaller minds too. Look at the numbers from earlier today when I tried to book a COVID-19 vaccination using the Province of Onatrio’s online booking system.

Your number in line: 3546798
Number of users in line ahead of you: 50621
Expected arrival time on the website: 8:51 AM EST
Your estimated wait time is: 54 minutes

Do I really believe there are three-and-a-half million people in line? There are only 14 million people in the province, and many (almost four million) have already been fully vaccinated – both doses. It seems like a lot of people.

Remove a million children from the equation who are not eleigible for the vaccine, and it seems everyone in the province is looking for an appointment. Almost everyone has received their first dose and today is the day anyone can book an accelerated second dose. (My second dose, for example, was scheduled for October 8 – the earliest available date at the time.)

I’m not sure how I get to be that number in line and yet have only 50,000 people ahead of me. Maybe the system is configured in a way I don’t understand. Maybe the numbers are ficticious.

Whichever, it seems many people are clinging to the hope that, as public health officials and their political masters have promised, the way out of this pandemic is through vaccination.

How do the numbers look where you live? Is the end in sight?


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