Something Random

I got into a staring contest with a sheep the other day. It wasn’t deliberate.

Local shepherds seem to park their flocks in convenient fields. Maybe there is a rhythm to it, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. It is possible there is only one flock, and I am just seeing them in multiple locations.

This week I thought I would take a picture of this one sheep that was right by the fence. It was glaring at me, as if it wanted a staring contest. Of course when I took out the phone to capture the incident, it averted its gaze.

I’m not sure if that means it was conceding victory to me, but I think I will claim that anyway.

I had originally planned on some deep thoughts for today’s post, something to stimulate your mind on this Saturday. However, Friday was moving day, or at least moving out of the apartment day. I wound up turning off the computer earlier than usual, with the intended post still unfinished. By the time I had loaded all the furniture into the trailer I was no longer in the mood to write something.

At least we have sheep for today.

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