Basic Math

A friend posted the above on Facebook. I laughed. But I also figured it wasn’t true.

After all, I remember the 1980s, and don’t remember A & W selling a 1/3 pound burger. You would think it would be the sort of thing I would remember, though admittedly I’m not sure if I was in an A & W restaurant during the decade, except for one time in the summer of 1981. But that is another story.

Being naturally skeptic, I took a quick look online. The concept gets lots of mentions. Numbers don’t necessarily equate with truth though, so I clicked on a few links.

Apparently it is a true story, even if I don’t remember the burger. That is if the CBC and the New York Times can be trusted. (Many of my friends think those publications are too liberal in their editorial slant to be aceptable sources of news – but I figure a burger should be politically neutral.)

I’m going to assume that if you are smart enough to read this blog, you already knew that a thrid was bigger than a quarter. So today you can enjoy a chuckle at the expense of the average American, who isn’t as numerically literate as you might have thought.

Maybe that might explain why some people still think Donald Trump beat Joe Biden last November.



  1. Phil Allan · · Reply

    It is very Canadian to brag about being better than the Americans, but our literacy or numeracy is not much better. Electing Trudeau Junior and having him lead in polls despite how he handled Covid (still minimal control on international travellers coming to Canada), Vaccines (CAn-Sino etc), ethics (blackface, WE etc), and finances: brings us back full circle to math… Budgets balancing themselves? $1 trillion increase in debt during his tenure with little, if any accountability. We will be paying for his incompetence for generations: perhaps that is due to our poor literacy and numeracy.

    1. Or just an inability to distinguish truth from lies.

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