This is Tuesday, Right?

I’ve never been a fan of moving, and in the next couple of weeks I have to do it twice. That is what happens when your lease expires before the first available flight.

I’ve been frantically trying do work in some packing when I’m not actaully working. It becomes more complicated when you aren’t taking much with you. All the furniture and household goods have to be sold or given away. And personal effects and books have to be packed to go back to Canada.

Of ourse there are things we will need during the two weeks between giving the keys back to the landlord and boarding our flight, so we have to remember which suitcase those are in. At least we have a place to stay while we say our final goodbyes.

With all the preparations, no wonder I’m a little unsure what day it is. I think though that it is Tuesday, and frequently on Tuesday’s this past year I have tried to brighten the mood with a look at the funnier side of this pandemic.

I suppose I could be wrong. Maybe it is another day I’m supposed to do that.

Or maybe it is all a dream, and we only imagined COVID-19. If that is the case, someone please wake me up.

I have no idea what the rules are where I live – I let my wife keep up-to-date since her German is better than mine. I do wish those who created this joke knew about apostrophes. And capitalization. Though maybe they made the mistakes deliberately to stop anyone from believing this was real..
Can viruses read? The theological implcations are staggering!
Another meme destroyed by a spelling error.
I’ve noticed recently that when i am watching a movie it seems strange to see people on teh screen in such close proximity. I wonder if this is a permanent shift.

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