Thoughts On Mothers’ Day

It’s not an official holiday, but today is indeed Mothers’ Day in both Canada and Germany. Elsewhere too I presume. For me, it is only the second May since my mother’s death, so the day stirs up conflicting emotions.

Normally I would be calling my mother, given that she would have been in Canada and I am in Germany. At age 88 she learned how to make a video call so we could see each other when we chatted.

My father was somewhat computer literate, but my mother hadn’t bothered with the internet until we moved here in 2017. Then she found she was moitivated, and enjoyed discovering new things online for the last two years of her life.

When we lived in the same town, we would always get together on Mothers’ Day. My sister and her family would join with ours for a meal at my mother’s favorite restaurant. I think many families have similar traditions.

This year, while missing my mother, I can still celebrate the day. I have the joy of being married to a woman who is a great mother (though she often doesn’t believe it). Our children are now adults, which changes parenting from what it was like in the first couple of decades, but she has transitioned well. Today I can celebrate motherhood through witnessing her example.

Which makes today a bittersweet time – aware of what is no longer, but thankful for what is. Thinking about it brought a recent song to mind. “To Cry For You” was written by my friend Carolyn, and I am sharing it with you today.

It is a song about loss. But is also a song of hope.

These days we are all feeling a sense of loss. Sometimes it is the loss of a loved one. Or perhaps the loss of meaningful human contact in this socialy distanced pandemic.

There have been other losses in the past year of course. But it is the human loss that we feel most. There will be other jobs, other opportunities for travel. At some point we will again go to restaurants and attend concerts, plays and sporting events.

Losing people has more of a feel of finality to it. As a Christian I know that there will be a reunion, eventually, with many of my loved ones. That doesn’t make the feelings of loss any less acute. Especially during the pandemic, when all too often there hasn’t been an opportunity to say goodbye.

I’m including two video versions of “To Cry For You” today. If you only have time for one, check out the one at the beginning of the post. Let me know what you think. I can pass along your comments to Carolyn.


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