Trump Free

After more than a hundred days of the Biden presidency, Donald Trump seems like a faded memory. Or perhaps a nightmare we have all woken up from.

It is amazing how quiet he has been since his banning back in January by the social media platforms he was using. Maybe traditional media is finding things more interesting to report on. Or maybe he just doesn’t know how to function without Twitter. Whatever the reason, the world seems to have moved on quite nicely.

I will admit there are days when i miss the bluster. I usually found Trump amusing; when he wasn’t being ridiculous. Not living in the USA, I didn’t have to take him as seriously as Americans did.

The man spent four years as president and didn’t destroy America. Historians will probably rank that as a major achievement. After all, everyone expected him to start a war or two during his time in office.

There’s not much to laugh at in the world these days. Maybe we need the amusement that called itself Donald Trump.

How about you? Do you miss him?


  1. I’m embarrassed he was EVER our “president.” Don’t write him off yet. The Republicans still think he’s good for getting votes.

    1. I thought Donald Trump epitomized America. Which appalled my American friends, but I could make a very convincing argument for my position. Trump is the logical expression of decades of cultural drift.

      I could argue the same thing about Justin Trudeau. I find the two men to be remarkably similar, despite their being supposedly from different sides of the political spectrum.

  2. Phililp allan · · Reply

    I think many people look forward to seeing Trump in the news: when he is charged and convicted of various crimes that may have been committed.

    1. I don’t see that happening. The law is different for sitting president’s. Not supposed to be, but no president has ever been charged for anything, not even Nixon.

  3. be careful what you wish for

    1. Wise words. I don’t really wish he was back permanently, but for a day or two it could be fun.

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