Ticked Off

Things have been a little intense here lately (both in terms of blog topics and whatever else happens in the rest o my life). I figured we could all use a break and a chance to lighten up.

Today I’ll get my second vaccination. No, not that one.

For COVID I’m caught between countries. I could get it if I was in Canada, but I don’t think they are dong foreigners yet in Germany. Or maybe they are, I’ve really not looked into it.

Today’s shot is for tick bites. Turns out there’s a local variety of tick here that can give you lyme disease. No vaccination for that one, just antibiotics if you get bitten. I can testify from experience that the antibiotics work.

There’s another type of tick though, one not found in Canada, that can kill you. There is a vaccination for that one. I had the original shot last year and it is time for the booster.

Seemed like a no-brainer to me. When it comes to give me the vaccine or give me death, the vaccine seemed a reasonable choice.

Years ago, and I don’t remember what vaccination it was, my doctor told me he was legally obligated to warn my of potential side effects. “This could kill you,” he said, “though that only happens in rare cases.”

I got the shot anyway. It didn’t kill me.

How did we get on to this topic this morning? Gotta watch out for my wandering mind. Let’s return to our mildly amusing morning.

Enjoy your day!

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