Self Portrait

Summer is here. Well, not really, but it felt like it Sunday. It was 18 Celsius in the vineyards above Sulzburg. 

It was warm and sunny, a great day for a socially distanced walk on the Castellberg. Especially when a bench beckoned in the sunshine, a perfect place for fresh apple crisp and coffee from the Thermos. 

I baked the Apple crisp, though I don’t eat the stuff myself. Nor do I drink coffee, but others do. So we had stuff with us to share on the walk.

Driving home from church I noticed a long lineup in front of an ice cream shop in n Mullheim. Must have been fifty people, with the line stretching well down the block thanks to social distancing. Maybe it really is summer.

I generally don’t take selfies, but for some reason thought a couple of shadow pictures would make a nice memory.


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