Super Bowl LV

Forget the Roman numerals. There’s a big game tonight, but I probably won’t be watching. The championship game of American professional football starts well after midnight, my time.

Which is a bit late to stay up for a spot I don’t usually follow, even if this year I have been keeping track, more or less. Maybe that is because the Canadian Football League canceled its season completely, so I have made do from time to time with the inferior American product.

I will admit though to being more interested this year than most. I’m rooting for Tom Brady to lead Tamp Bay to victory.

Truth is, I would have difficulty finding Tampa on a map, though I think it is the west coast of Florida. I have never been there, and probably never will visit.

Not am I a particular fan of Tom Brady. But I don’t need to be a fan to cheer for him this year.

After twenty years with the Boston Patriots, nine Super Bowl appearances, including six wins (a record), he changed teams this season. That took guts. It also shows an athlete trying to stretch himself, to take a chance and push himself beyond the norm.

If there has been a criticism of Brady’s career, it has been that his success has come under one coach. The question has been asked, which was more important: coach or quarterback. Would Brady be able to win under another coach, with another team?

I’m sure he could have stayed in Boston for his entire career, financially successful and teh team would probably have continued to win.

Instead he moved to Tampa Bay, and is now playing in his tenth Super Bowl. Win or lose, that is still an achievement. He is the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl, but I think he is merely breaking his own record.

What motivates a person to look for new challenges? To be at the pinnacle of success and still look for more? \

Could you do what Tom Brady has done? Take such a huge chance? Risk the embarrassment if you weren’t successful?

I think most of us go through life playing things pretty safe. I know I generally characterize myself as “risk-averse.” I don’t mind taking chances, but I prefer to be certain I will be successful when I do. Are you like that too?

Since I won’t be staying up late to watch the game, I’m sure the first thing I will do when I wake up Monday is look for the score and the highlights. I’m expecting Brady to lead Tamp Bay to victory. If he does, that leaves me with a nagging question.

What new challenge will he find for next year?


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