On The Way Up (Or Down)

As you can imagine, there is more than one access point to Heidelberg’s Philosopher’s Way. Possibly the most popular is the Schlangenweg or Snake Path.

I’m assuming it was named for the wall snakes that are known to the area – but I didn’t see any. Or maybe because it snakes up the hill.

In 1986 I think I did indeed take this route to the top, on a hot, sunny July day. I don’t remember it that favorably.

Last year though I reached the Philosopher’s Way by a different route and used the Schlangenweg to get back down to the river and the bridge to the historic city centre, It seemed a much easier hike.

It is narrow though, something to consider in these days of social distancing. Then again, you probably aren’t going to be traveling anytime soon, are you?


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