Welcome To Winter

It is official. Winter starts today, just as this post is being published. I timed it that way.

The forecast high of two doesn’t seem overly wintery. However, there is snow on the way, perhaps ten centimetres on Christmas Eve. That does seem like Winter.

Not that the Winter Solstice means much in terms of temperature. Not in Canada. We’re a big country with varying weather, no matter the season.

As I write this the temperature in Vancouver is a balmy plus nine. Which is nice for my friends who live there.

For my friends who live in Baker Lake, Nunavut, Vancouver’s weather would be a fantasy. When it was nine in Vancouver it was minus 33 in Baker Lake. Also fairly warm compared to the wind chill at -52. That really is winter. And not unusual for Canada’s north.

Living in Sulzburg, Germany, the past few years I have suggested winter is a local myth. Sometimes the wind is brisk enough that I wear a toque, but I still haven’t worn the snow boots I purchased in 2017. I doubt now that I will until the next time I experience a Canadian Winter.

How do you feel about Winter? Do you dread the cold? Or do you like being able to take part in outdoor Winter sports? Do you like snow? Or are you one of those who just can’t wait until Spring?

This year it seems many people have mixed feelings about just about everything. Since March, when COVID-19 cases began to mount and restrictions began having an impact, nothing has felt quite normal. Everything gets viewed through a pandemic lens.

So today, if you don’t feel exactly thrilled about the official beginning of Winter, maybe it isn’t your fault. You can blame it on 2020. Everyone will understand.

I for one though am glad to see a little snow before Christmas. And I’ll also be glad to get back to Germany before it gets really cold in Ottawa.

I think that is what they call a win-win situation.


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  1. Winters in Kingston sucked. Not cold enough to freeze, maybe because of being so close to the lake, so there was little skating/skiing. Just damp and cold.

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