Why I Don’t Visit Berlin

I was planning on taking today off, then I saw this in my morning newspaper and knew I had to share it.

Apparently there is a clothing optional park in Germany’s capital. Not only do humans roam free, so too does the wildlife. Which can lead to some interesting interactions.


It isn’t every day you see a nude man running after a wild boar that has stolen the bag with his laptop inside. There are a lot of wild boars where I live, but they stay in the forest – I have never seen one in town.

According to the news report the man was successful in his attempt to retrieve the stolen property, but it does leave me with questions.

How did he not notice the animal approaching? What was the boar planning to do with the computer? Was it all a diversion? While he was running, did someone steal his clothes?

I notice some piglets in attendance also. Maybe the mother wanted to home-school them and needed the machine. I guess she didn’t know home-schooling is illegal in Germany.

I’ve never been to Berlin, and I am told it is a city well worth visiting. Now I’m not sure if I have what it takes. I can’t run that fast after all, and it looks like the city has challenges.





  1. S. Martin · · Reply

    Hmmm…not according to Wikipedia.

  2. Steve Martin · · Reply

    Du bist kein Berliner!

    1. Exactly. Especially since a Berliner is not a resident of Berlin but rather a type of doughnut.

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