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Why I Don’t Visit Berlin

I was planning on taking today off, then I saw this in my morning newspaper and knew I had to share it. Apparently there is a clothing optional park in Germany’s capital. Not only do humans roam free, so too does the wildlife. Which can lead to some interesting interactions. It isn’t every day you […]

Canadian Wildlife

I have a friend in Germany who wanted me to send him pictures of animals from my time in Canada. Unthinking, I said yes. My assumption was that he wanted to see Canadian wildlife: deer, bears, maybe a fox or two. And while all those can be found in Ottawa from time to time, sightings […]

The Crossing

  I wonder if I went back today, would it still be there? And where was it going? It was an early evening walk. Just a couple of blocks away from our apartment there was a snail crossing the path. Slowly. In the time I watched there was no appreciable movement. Last week, when I […]

Pond Life

Wandering through Freiburg on Friday (I couldn’t resist that alliteration) and went for a walk in Seepark, a large park near the downtown. Discovered a small lake there (which is what gives the place its name, see being German for “lake.” Spent some time just looking at the aquatic and shore life. So nice to […]

Roman Wildlife

Having lived in Ottawa, I know that it is not uncommon to have to share the city with wild animals. Small ones like skunk, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and geese were all common sights in my front yard. Larger ones, like the deer I hit with my van a block from home, were not seen as […]

A Walk In The Woods

Sunday was a beautiful Spring day, so instead of going home right after church we went for a walk. Ottawa is blessed with an abundance of urban forest. I looked it up and though the numbers seemed a little fluid, it seems the city has about 40,000 hectares of forest and parkland. That number seemed […]