Sad Commentary



I’ll admit I laughed when I first saw this. Then immediately felt embarrassed for having done so.

It is a sad indictment of the state of politics in America that such a concept could be taken seriously, but political divisions seem to have deepened in recent years. Demonizing your opponents appears to be the norm, especially in the USA.

Maybe there is some civil discourse happening, but you don’t hear much about it. Maybe policies are actually being discussed and debated in some parts of the country, but not many people are paying attention.

Certainly it seems that the forces of evil are arrayed against the forces of good in a battle to save the heart and soul of the country.  Both Democrats and  Republicans see themselves as righteous – and you can guess how they view the other party.

Democrats assume Satan would be a logical candidate for the Republicans, while the Republicans would expect to find Satan heading the Democrats choices.

Much of the acrimony can be attributed to the way the American system works (or doesn’t work). There doesn’t seem to be any desire at the top for reform, and it is the people at the top who control the process.

Which means the people can hope for change, but they aren’t likely to see it. They’ll keep voting for one of two parties, even if Satan is the candidate for president.

American peace activist Art Gish once said that when voters choose the lesser of two evils they are still making a conscious choice to endorse evil. That means if you want real change in government, you must find a way to have better choices at the ballot box.

Until Americans get fed up with the slide in civility and the degradation of their society and make real change, the electoral choices are going to be between one evil or another. No matter who wins, the results are not going to be great for the country (or the world).

Satan won’t be running for the Republicans in 2020, nor for the Democrats. Given the state of American politics, he doesn’t need to.


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