Isn’t Life Fun?

Today’s post has been hijacked by the IT people, who don’t share my opinion of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I needed to install new software in order to take advantage of a new videoconferencing platform. I didn’t see anything wrong with the old one myself, but it was work-related, and I do what the boss says.

The software wouldn’t install. I suggested it might be that it was still in Beta stage – not really ready. The IT support person insisted the issue was my computer. Could they try and do a remote fix?

The fix didn’t work. Instead of just the new program not working, suddenly I had no way to access the internet.

To summarize, I am writing this on my phone while waiting for my computer hard drive to be wiped and Windows reinstalled. In theory, that will fix the issues and I will be up and running in time to post here tomorrow.

If you don’t hear from me then, who knows how long it will take before the issues are resolved. Maybe I can borrow a computer. Or use the phone more efficiently, though I prefer a bigger screen and keyboard.

In fairness, the fixes the IT guy implemented should not have produced the results they did. He found a Windows glitch and figured it was an easy fix. Too often though, with computers as in life, easy is more complicated than expected.

We rely on technology for so much of our lives. We’d be lost if it all suddenly stopped working.

That’s a sobering thought. I promise to be less gloomy when my computer is fixed.



  1. Ouch

  2. K Guther · · Reply

    How frustrating for you! Hope things improve quickly and you are reconnected to all the right things!

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