More From The Weinberg

Today mostly photos (and a fireworks video) from last month’s Weinberg in Flammen festival in Britzingen.

I must confess I didn’t partake of food or beverage – two of the main attractions. I had forgotten that there was more on offer besides sausage and wine, so I ate before heading to the village.IMG_20200125_1926423

The food looked good though, especially the roast pork. I did take a picture of pigs on a spit, but the light, as you can see, wasn’t great.

I was there for the burning stumps and the fireworks. The stumps, which light the path up the hill, were, as usual, a colorful addition to the night. The sky above Britzingen was clear – I could pick out Orion and other constellations, something I probably haven’t done since I was a Boy Scout.

Fireworks are always fun, though these did not have the same impact as the ones I see on Thursday nights in Old Orchard Beach every summer. There wasn’t the same even flow to them – but the Old Orchard Beach staff get a lot of opportunities to practice. In Britzingen they have fireworks once a year. The setting, with a forest backdrop, was beautiful.

Once the fireworks ended, we headed home. There was still lots of food and wine, and a DJ spinning dance tunes, but that wasn’t enough to convince me to stay. (As a former DJ I rarely find others who come up to my standards.)

Some people must have stayed late though. The following morning on the drive to church I noted several cars parked at the edge of the forest. I don’t know whether people were still partying, or had forgotten where they had parked, but the cars were gone when we drove home from church.



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