Memories of Winter


IMG_20191231_1609131.jpgI’m back in Germany, where if there was a winter of 2019-20 it is long gone. It was minus nine Celsius when we boarded the plane in Ottawa, plus 13 when we arrived in Basel Switzerland (the closest airport) too many hours later.

Winter was late arriving in Canada – I was wondering at one point if we would even see snow before returning to Germany. There certainly wasn’t much in the city, most of what did fall melted quickly.IMG_20191231_1609085

Out in the country though the snow stayed. I spent New Year’s Eve with a group of friends at the Bethesda Renewal Centre in Ashton, Ontario, and went for a hike in the woods before the  festivities began.

I figured it was my last chance to see snow, not just for 2019 but for the entire winter. Those snow boots I bought in Badenweiler in 2017 are still in their box, unused. Maybe Germany will surprise me this year – but based on the past two winters, I doubt it.

So today I’m looking fondly back a few weeks, remembering what I am missing.



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  1. Feb 27th had a huge amount of snow in Ottawa. The streets are quite narrow as a 16-hour steady snowfall probably left the snow removal people exhausted. Now it is raining, and water is piling up on ice…you missed it!

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