For Germans Only


My wife wanted to go on an excursion, someplace we hadn’t been before. Someone suggested Schluchsee, a place I had never heard of. You probably haven’t either, unless you are German.

If you are a foreigner visiting the area in which we live, chances are you have been to Titisee. That town has a beautiful lake and is offered up as a fairly typical Black Forest town. I’ve been twice, and, while it seems nice enough, I don’t understand what the hype is about.

Maybe that is because the beautiful scenery is reminiscent of rural Ontario, an area where I have also lived. For me there is a sense of familiarity to it. Some tourists are awestruck, I shrug my shoulders.

Schulchsee is a short train ride (four stops) past Tittisee. It didn’t cost me any extra to get there – the trains are local transit and I had a monthly pass at the time.

It looks like there are no foreign tourists in Schluchsee. I guess they all get off the train at Titisee. The place is mobbed by visiting Germans, but I didn’t hear other languages. I gather the attraction is the lake, which I am told is the biggest in the Black Forest. It isn’t big by Canadian standards, but I guess the locals are proud of it anyway.

We got off the train at Aha, which is turns out is a town and not just a 1980s pop group. Our thought was we would walk for an hour or so to Schluchsee, then eat our picnic lunch and explore the town.

As we walked along the lake and through some forest I was struck by how familiar it seemed. It was as if I was back in Canada, except there were a lot more people on the trails. I gather from the signs they even have a beaver problem.

Here are some photos from that walk.


  1. Looks lovely. So many of those lakes in southern Germany are beautiful and well worth a visit. Nice to go to one free of tourists that only the locals go to.

    1. Of course, the locals come to this one buy the thousands, so it isn’t completely tourist-free.

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