A Nice Way To Die?


You won’t catch me trying it. Especially with storm clouds in the sky.

Saturday we went to the top of the Blauen, which has become a go-to spot to take visitors from Canada. This time was a bit different though.

The great view was the same. So was the wind – which may be why there were two people with parasails just about to launch as we got there.IMG_20190713_1400277

Maybe I lack the proper spirit of adventure, but jumping off a mountain doesn’t seem like something I want to try. It is a long way down if something goes wrong. And the landing might be a little abrupt.

I’m sure the view though is incredible.

Watching them take off had me wondering about the logistics involved. How much control do you have? Can you control your sail and thus guide yourself to a desired location, or are you completely at the mercy of the winds?

What do you do if it rains, or worse if there is a storm cloud? How likely are you to get hit by lightning? How quickly can you get safely to the ground in an emergency?

One simple question is, what do you do when you land? If you haven’t pre-arranged a pickup it might be a long walk home It looked to me like you could probably fly for hours if the wind conditions were right.

For those launching the parasails getting aloft seemed a simple thing. I figured I could probably do it  – wait for a burst of wind and run straight ahead. The hill is so steep that nature does the rest.

What happens after that is what I don’t think I want to risk.

Still, people do enjoy parasailing. And sky diving. And bungee jumping. We seem to be wired, some of us anyway, to go looking for adventure and thrills.

Maybe I was like that when I was younger. Maybe I’m so old I can’t remember what it was like to feel that sort of exhilaration. More likely I’ve developed some common sense as I got older, an aversion to unnecessary risk.

Still, watching the two young men sail off over the valley, I wished it was me.  IMG_20190713_1406329


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