Meet The Uncommon Meat



I didn’t even look at the prices – I am sure they are outrageous. But the sign outside the butcher shop in Freiburg definitely caught my attention.

As a carnivore I appreciate variety from time to time. Especially since I am living in Germany where the go-to meat is pork; not very tasty pork at that, at least to my taste buds. Germans have great sausages, but their pork chops and beef steaks leave a lot to be desired.  Or maybe I need to buy more expensive meat.

While I have never eaten llama or camel, two new meats on offer at this shop, I have eaten zebra. The meat isn’t striped, but you probably knew that already. It has been almost 20 years since that meal, so I don’t remember the taste too vividly – I think it was similar to beef.

Some of the meats on the chalkboard are easy to figure out, even if you don’t speak German. There’s elk and water buffalo, bison and Aberdeen Angus beef.

However I have no idea what sort of meat “tomahawk” is. The same with “jberico.” I could guess, but it would be a wild one.

The butcher’s website didn’t help me – I know they have been in the same location for 125 years, I know they have a cod special for lunch today, but I have no idea of the full range of what they carry. I guess, given how long they have been in business, everyone in Freiburg knows them already.

Maybe next time I visit the city I will splurge. After all, how often do you see camel on the menu?



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