Making America Great Again

IMG_5568I meant to share this picture on July 4, American independence day, but I forgot. Now seems as good a time as any.

For those who agree with the sentiment, I understand your frustration. Certainly a lot of political problems faced by Americans could be solved if they were once again part of the United Kingdom.

Such a re-union would also solve Great Britain’s ongoing Brexit angst, as the addition of the US economy would mean the UK wouldn’t need the European Union.

Still, there are potential drawbacks. Americans are probably unfamiliar with Boris Johnson, who seems poised to become England’s next Prime Minister. He does remind me a lot of Donald Trump. Is any country ready for two such creatures? Probably not.

Maybe everyone would be better off leaving things as they are.

Still, it is a nice t-shirt. And it is good to see that in all the political chaos in both countries, some people haven’t lost their sense of humor. Or should that be humour?

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