Bug In The Road?


Is it a large insect, or a small lizard? I haven’t a clue.

In my youth I should have paid more attention in science class. Then I would be able to classify this creature I crossed paths with on Monday.IMG_20190527_1726316.jpg

Perhaps I could have figured it out if I had examined it more closely, but I was trying not to be intrusive. Picking it up could have triggered a heart attack – though I don’t know if insects or lizards have hearts.

Whatever it is, it was colorful.



One comment

  1. […] Last week, when I ran across what I think was a lizard, at least the animal was moving at a reasonable pace. With a snail though, progress was at what I can only describe as a snail’s pace. Which is why I wonder if it has actually managed to cross the path yet. […]

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