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My friend Paul Wilkinson blogs daily at Thinking Out Loud and is one of the people who encouraged me years ago to launch in this space. We are of a similar age and have many similar interests. From what I read in this guest post he offered me, his mind is getting a little fuzzy with age. At least though, he is providing a public service – providing amusement for those he speaks with.

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Last Saturday the front page of The Toronto Star carried an article about how both a housing shortage, and holiday tourists looking for weekly rentals are combining to contribute to a real estate crisis in Prince Edward County. Despite the fact that the county abuts Northumberland County where we live, and despite the fact I read several paragraphs in what I felt was great detail, I somehow believed I was reading an article about Prince Edward Island.

We have friends who want to retire there, and know another couple who already have. I hastily forwarded a picture of the front page to both couples. I couldn’t believe my stupidity, but there was more to come.

Yesterday a woman asked me if I had heard that Theresa May had resigned (…as Britain’s Prime Minister, but she didn’t say that part.) My brain changed that to Elizabeth May who heads the Green Party here in Canada. For about five minutes I waxed eloquently about the Elizabeth and the Green Party and the gains it is (slowly) making. It was great political commentary. You should have been there.

Here’s the thing: The woman at no time interrupted me. It’s entirely possible of course that I was so convincing in my rhetoric that she was wondering if she had misheard the story. I continued all day in my ignorance until shortly after 9:00 PM, trying to figure out why The National (CBC News nightly network newscast) didn’t lead with the resignation of the party leader. The third story was about Theresa May. May! May! They are both named May.

“Oh, no! I’ve done it again!” I started picturing that woman killing herself laughing with her friends about this buffoon she met who didn’t know the difference between the Green Party and Great Britain. (To be fair, they both start with ‘G’.)

So this is how it begins, I guess.

I have a confession to make. I was in London Friday morning, and the newspaper was all about how Theresa May was expected to resign. Friday evening in Germany my wife was reading news headlines from her phone, and said “May has resigned.”

I managed not to say it, but my first thought was of Canadian Green Party leader Elizabeth May. After all, I’ve met her but never met Theresa May.

As I said, Paul and I think a lot alike. At least if my brain is going, I’ll have company on the voyage.

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  1. Nice! lol

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