The Acropolis – II – Visions of Athens


A photo essay for you today. Just when you were expecting me to show you more ruined temples on top of Athens most famous hill, I turn the camera in the other direction.

All I have seen of Athens really is what I could see from the hill. It looks like there are some very interesting archaeological treasures, many historic sites and a vibrant modern city, just waiting to be explored. Instead, I got back on the bus.

At some future date maybe I will be able to return to Athens, with more than just a couple of hours. After all, it is arguably the cradle of western civilization, and all I have really seen of the place is a couple of hills.

Travel comes with blessings and curses. There is so much to see, and travel is probably easier now than ever before.  That is a blessing.

But there is just so much I want to see. There’s where the curse comes in. If I make a return to Athens a priority, then there will be some place I won’t get to for a first time.

People keep making suggestions of places I should visit in Europe; I know I can’t possible get to them all. And that is just the smallest of the continents. I’ve been to a couple of places in Africa, touched Asia (if you consider the Middle East to be Asia) and haven’t even dreamed of South America or Australia. So when would I find time for a return to Athens?

Still, you never know what tomorrow has in store. Which is what Jesus said, though he was talking about life in general and not tourist destinations.

It’s good advice though. I’m not going to waste time regretting what I didn’t see of Athens. Or wondering if I will be back to see more of the city in the future. I’m going to enjoy what I did see – and hope you enjoy the view from the top of the Acropolis also.

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