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Thinking of Travel

I’ve always had an aversion to standing in line. I think that goes back to the Expo ’67 World’s Fair in Montreal. Several of the most popular exhibitions could only be seen if you were willing to stand in line for hours. Which may be fine for an adult who knows what they are going […]

2021 In Review: The Colosseum

Coming in at number seven as we count down the top ten posts of 2021 is this one from March of 2016. If you are ever in the position to visit Rome, this is a must see. I’m hoping to see it again – there’s always something you hadn’t noticed on previous visits. This cross […]

Coming Into Vernazza

In the hope that someday soon restrictions will be lifted and tourism will again become possible, I thought I’d share some pictures from my 2009 Italian vacation. My wife wanted to visit Cinque Terre, a region I had never heard of before. She sold me on the idea of five isolated villages with no access […]

Your 2021 Travel Guide

Where are you planning not to go in 2021? Will you plan a vacation for 2022 instead? The never-ending pandemic has changed the way we look at so many things. I expect it will take years for the travel industry to recover. If it ever does.  It feels like we are trapped in a dystopian […]

Memory Lapses

When you travel you are confident the memories will stay with you forever. It doesn’t always work that way. Every family has a box of old pictures taken before the digital age. Vacations, friends, relatives – who knows who these people are? Sometimes the names would get written on the back of the print, more […]

Fontana Del Pantheon

With Saturday’s post being about the upcoming American election, I thought perhaps a photo essay would be appropriate today, something to cleanse your palate, so to speak. And what could be more cleansing than a nicely flowing fountain? Rome has so many of them, with the best-known being Trevi Fountain, but today’s is pretty popular […]

On The Slopes of Vesuvius

They never saw it coming. I think that is a large part of the appeal, why millions of people visit Pompeii every year. It is not just that the city is well preserved thanks to having been buried for centuries under ash and lava. It is that we can empathize and identify with the people […]

A Newer Ruin

  In a land where the ruins can be a couple of thousand years old, a 20th century relic doesn’t stands out. This German pillbox, part of the World War Two coastal defence system, is on the edges of Monterosso al Mare, one of the villages of Italy’s Cinque Terre region. It serves as a […]

Up and Down II

Today a photo essay of sorts, though calling it an essay is correct only if you believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Which is something I am not going to debate here, or at least not today. I hope you enjoy these photos taken from inside the funicular in Orvieto, Italy.  

Up and Down I

You can walk from the train station into the old section of Orvieto, or take a bus. But it is more fun to take the funicular. I’m not quite sure how you would get up to this Tuscan town by foot, bus or car, because we didn’t consider it. Neither, I think, did anyone else […]