The Rules

As crimes go, it was a minor offense. He was eating a chocolate bar.

I had to wonder though if it said something about attitude. If it was a subtle reminder that rules are for other people. Or maybe I’m being influenced by past behaviour, by the alleged groping of a female reporter years ago, or the findings of the Ethics Commissioner regarding his dealings with the Aga Khan.

Prime Minister Selfie was reprimanded for eating in the House of Commons on Wednesday. Such a small transgression of the rules.

It would be charitable to assume he was hungry and didn’t want to miss any of the debate. If so, that would make him a rare politician indeed. Prime Ministers don’t spend much time in the House – they have too much else to do. Wednesday though there wasn’t much choice – the Opposition had the place procedurally tied up in votes all day. <Liberal MPs had to stick close to ensure the government would not fall.

If he was hungry, the PM could have walked to the lobby, ten metres away, where there is is always snack food available. Perhaps he was too upset though, he’d had one of his members resign from the Liberal caucus earlier in the day to sit as an independent. That doesn’t look good for a government trying to move on from the SNC-Lavalin scandal. It just draws more unwanted attention to the Prime Minister.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing was that the Prime Minister immediately apologized for his actions. So now we know at least he does know how to make an apology, something Canadians were wondering about after his “act of contrition” non-apology a couple of weeks ago.

I must admit though, this time around he looked less than sincere. Maybe that is because the rules really are meant for other people.

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